Volunteers are needed for various stages of this mission and service project, as part of our Mission ConneXion.

  • Step 1: January 28, 12:30 pm at Grove UMC – 3 to 5 volunteers are needed to prep materials to make fleece heart-shaped “no-sew” pillows. Please bring good scissors to cut heart shaped patterns out of fleece material (supplied) and cut fringes around the edge as per supplied instruction.  We will also be preparing individual bags of stuffing.

    Participants will be asked to complete an evaluation form after final completion of the project.
  • Step 2:  To take place in late February, weeknight, early evening, to be determined. Open to a total of 12 congregants – men and women welcome, first priority to those who have not been inside a prison before. We hope to meet at Marshallton UMC and carpool from there to Chester County Correctional Facility in Pocopson.  After checking in, we will meet and work with women residents at the Facility to assemble the “No-Sew” pillows (tying fringes together and stuffing the form to generate heart-shaped pillows).  Greeting cards with encouraging messages will be created using markers and coverstock.After completion of the pillows and cards, congregants will return to Marshallton UMC for a short debriefing.  We will ask participants to share their experiences with their congregations either verbally in worship.This phase of the project provides a wonderful and rare opportunity to meet with women inmates in a non-threatening environment. It also allows the inmates an opportunity to do something for others in need.
  • Step 3: March 11, 3:30 pm – Our youth will deliver the pillows to residents of Brandywine Hall.

If you are able to help with the preparation or assembly of the pillows, please email Pastor Molly Dee Rounsley or complete the contact form below. Information is also available on the round table in the Gathering Area.