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January 21: The Unity of the Church

January 28: My Responsibility to My Church

February 4: Serving My Church

February 11: Promises to Keep




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We concluded our Wonder, Love and Praise: Sharing A Vision of the Church sermon and study series on November 26. Materials are posted below for those who wish to continue study of this topic. 

Wonder, Love and Praise 
(WLP) is a document produced by the United Methodist Committee on Faith and Order (CFO) designed to engage United Methodists in a study of our ecclesiology, that is, how we as United Methodists understand what it means to be the Church.

The goal of the United Methodist Church is to send a refined version of this document to the 2020 General Conference to be adopted alongside other official theological statements of the church.

Together with United Methodists from all over the word, we will engage with WLP in study, conversation and reflection and to provide feedback to the CFO that will help shape its final form.

Download the Wonder, Love and Praise document and Study Guide for Small Groups below:


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